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Green Cell PRO Charger AC Adapter for Lenovo 65W

Green Cell PRO - Power adapter - AC - 60 Watt - black - for Lenovo IdeaPad 100-15IBD; 110-15ACL; 110-15ISK; 310-15ISK; 320-15IKB; 320-15ISK

  • Green Cell high-quality laptop charger
  • Fully compatible with the displayed laptop models
  • Safety measures ensure a flawless cooperation with the notebook
  • Power: 65W | Voltage: 20V | Amperage: 3.25A | Plug: 4.0mm-1.7mm
  • Product no 996036040

    Model AD123P

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    EAN 5903317224570

    Weight 0.216 kg

  • Product information and specifications are guiding only. Without notice, these can be subject to change by the manufacturer. This applies for product images as well.
Produktbeskrivelse Green Cell PRO - strømforsyningsadapter - 60 Watt
Enhedstype Strømforsyningsadapter - ekstern
Vægt 216 g
Indgangspænding AC
Udgangspænding 20 V
Strømkapacitet 60 Watt
Output-stikforbindelser 1 x strøm DC jackstik 4,0 mm (ID: 1,7 mm) - 20 V 3.25 A
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Dimensioner (B x D x H) 10.9 cm x 4.7 cm x 3.1 cm
Producentgaranti 3 års garanti
Designet for Lenovo IdeaPad 100-15IBD; 110-15ACL; 110-15ISK; 310-15ISK; 320-15IKB; 320-15ISK
Enhedstype Strømforsyningsadapter - ekstern
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Indgangspænding AC
Detaljer om strømudgangskonnektorer 1 x strøm DC jackstik 4,0 mm (ID: 1,7 mm) - 20 V 3.25 A
Udgangspænding 20 V
Max. elektrisk strøm 3.25 A
Strømkapacitet 60 Watt
Medfølgende ledninger Strømkabel - ekstern - 1.2 m | Strømkabel - integreret
Egenskaber Beskyttelse mod overophedning, overspændingsbeskyttelse, kortslutnings beskyttelse
Service & Support Begrænset garanti - 3 år
Mål og vægt
Bredde 10.9 cm
Dybde 4.7 cm
Højde 3.1 cm
Vægt 216 g
Oplysninger om kompatibilitet
Designet for Lenovo IdeaPad 100-15IBD | Lenovo IdeaPad 110-15ACL | Lenovo IdeaPad 110-15ISK | Lenovo IdeaPad 310-15ISK | Lenovo IdeaPad 320-15IKB | Lenovo IdeaPad 320-15ISK
Warranty 12 months
Power 65W
Voltage 20V
Colour Black
Overheat protection Yes
Product code AD123P
Manufacturer Green Cell
Surge protection Yes
Amperage 3.25A
Tip size 4.0mm-1.7mm


Lenovo B50;Lenovo IdeaPad 100;Lenovo IdeaPad 110;Lenovo IdeaPad 310;Lenovo IdeaPad 310S;Lenovo IdeaPad 320S;Lenovo IdeaPad 510;Lenovo IdeaPad 510S;Lenovo IdeaPad 520S;Lenovo Yoga 510;Lenovo Yoga 520;Lenovo Yoga 710;Lenovo ADLX65NCC3A;Lenovo ADLX65NDC3A;Lenovo Flex 5;Chicony ADLX65CCGA2A;Chicony ADLX65CCGB2A;Chicony ADLX65CCGC2A;Chicony ADLX65CCGE2A;Chicony ADLX65CCGG2A;Chicony ADLX65CCGI2A;Chicony ADLX65CCGK2A;Chicony ADLX65CCGR2A;Chicony ADLX65CCGU2A;Delta ADLX65CDGA2A;Delta ADLX65CDGB2A;Delta ADLX65CDGC2A;Delta ADLX65CDGE2A;Delta ADLX65CDGG2A;Delta ADLX65CDGI2A;Delta ADLX65CDGK2A;Delta ADLX65CDGR2A;Delta ADLX65CDGU2A;Lenovo 01FR037;Lenovo 01FR040;Lenovo 01FR051;Lenovo 01FR135;Lenovo 01FR136;Lenovo 01FR137;Lenovo 01FR138;Lenovo 01FR139;Lenovo 01FR140;Lenovo 01FR141;Lenovo 01FR142;Lenovo 01FR143;Lenovo 01FR144;Lenovo 01FR145;Lenovo 01FR146;Lenovo 01FR147;Lenovo 01FR148;Lenovo 01FR150;Lenovo 01FR151;Lenovo 01FR152;Lenovo 01FR153;Lenovo 01FR154;Lenovo 01FR155;Lenovo 01FR156;Lenovo 01FR157;Lenovo 01FR158;Lenovo 01FR159;Lenovo 01FR160;Lenovo 5A10J40449;Lenovo 5A10J40450;Lenovo 5A10J40451;Lenovo 5A10K78736;Lenovo 5A10K78737;Lenovo 5A10K78738;Lenovo 5A10K78739;Lenovo 5A10K78740;Lenovo 5A10K78741;Lenovo 5A10K78742;Lenovo 5A10K78743;Lenovo 5A10K78744;Lenovo 5A10K78745;Lenovo 5A10K78746;Lenovo 5A10K78747;Lenovo 5A10K78748;Lenovo 5A10K78749;Lenovo 5A10K78750;Lenovo 5A10K78751;Lenovo 5A10K78752;Lenovo 5A10K78753;Lenovo 5A10K78754;Lenovo 5A10K78755;Lenovo 5A10K78756;Lenovo 5A10K78757;Lenovo 5A10K78758;Lenovo 5A10K78759;Lenovo 5A10K78760;Lenovo 5A10K78761;Lenovo 5A10K78762;Lenovo ADLX65CCGA2A;Lenovo ADLX65CCGB2A;Lenovo ADLX65CCGC2A;Lenovo ADLX65CCGE2A;Lenovo ADLX65CCGG2A;Lenovo ADLX65CCGI2A;Lenovo ADLX65CCGK2A;Lenovo ADLX65CCGR2A;Lenovo ADLX65CCGU2A;Lenovo ADLX65CDGA2A;Lenovo ADLX65CDGB2A;Lenovo ADLX65CDGC2A;Lenovo ADLX65CDGE2A;Lenovo ADLX65CDGG2A;Lenovo ADLX65CDGI2A;Lenovo ADLX65CDGK2A;Lenovo ADLX65CDGR2A;Lenovo ADLX65CDGU2A;Lenovo ADLX65CLGA2A;Lenovo ADLX65CLGB2A;Lenovo ADLX65CLGC2A;Lenovo ADLX65CLGE2A;Lenovo ADLX65CLGG2A;Lenovo ADLX65CLGI2A;Lenovo ADLX65CLGK2A;Lenovo ADLX65CLGR2A;Lenovo ADLX65CLGU2A;Lenovo ADLX65NLC3A;Lenovo PA-1650;Lenovo SA10M42531;Lenovo SA10M42704;Lenovo SA10M42707;Lenovo SA10M42714;Lenovo SA10M42718;Lenovo SA10M42725;Lenovo SA10M42735;Lenovo SA10M42738;Lenovo SA10M42740;Lenovo SA10M42745;Lenovo SA10M42747;Lenovo SA10M42751;Lenovo SA10M42753;Lenovo SA10M42758;Lenovo SA10M42760;Lenovo SA10M42762;Lenovo SA10M42764;Lenovo SA10M42765;Lenovo SA10M42766;Lenovo SA10M42769;Lenovo SA10M42775;Lenovo SA10M42791;Lenovo SA10M42793;Lenovo SA10M42794;Lenovo SA10M42796;Lenovo SA10M42805;Lenovo SA10M42815;Lenovo SA10M42817;Liteon ADLX65CLGA2A;Liteon ADLX65CLGB2A;Liteon ADLX65CLGC2A;Liteon ADLX65CLGE2A;Liteon ADLX65CLGG2A;Liteon ADLX65CLGI2A;Liteon ADLX65CLGK2A;Liteon ADLX65CLGU2A;Lenovo Flex 4;Lenovo Flex 6;Lenovo IdeaPad 130;Lenovo IdeaPad 310s;Lenovo IdeaPad 320;Lenovo IdeaPad 320c;Lenovo IdeaPad 320s;Lenovo IdeaPad 330;Lenovo IdeaPad 330s;Lenovo IdeaPad 520;Lenovo IdeaPad 520s;Lenovo IdeaPad 530s;Lenovo IdeaPad 710s;Lenovo IdeaPad 720s;Lenovo IdeaPad S530;Lenovo V110;Lenovo V145;Lenovo V320;Lenovo Yoga 330;Lenovo Yoga 530;Lenovo Yoga 720;Liteon ADLX65CLGR2A;