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Green Cell PRO AC adapter 45W for Lenovo IdeaPad

Green Cell PRO - Strømforsyningsadapter - AC - 45 Watt - sort - for Lenovo IdeaPad 100-15; 100S-14; 110-15; Yoga 510-14; 510-15

The professional series PSUs are intended to be efficient and durable. They have been equipped with a full range of electronic protections that provide accurate control of the charging parameters. They will charge your laptop not only quickly but also safely.
  • Product no 995909077

    Model AD76P

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    EAN 5903317225744

    Weight 1 kg

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Produktbeskrivelse Green Cell PRO - strømforsyningsadapter - 45 Watt
Enhedstype Strømforsyningsadapter - ekstern
Vægt 142 g
Indgangspænding AC
Udgangspænding 20 V
Strømkapacitet 45 Watt
Output-stikforbindelser 1 x strøm DC jackstik 4,0 mm (ID: 1,7 mm) - 20 V 2.25 A
Farve Sort
Dimensioner (B x D x H) 9 cm x 3.8 cm x 2.7 cm
Producentgaranti 3 års garanti
Designet for Lenovo IdeaPad 100-15IBD; 100-15IBY; 100S-14IBR; 110-15IBR; Yoga 510-14AST; 510-14IKB; 510-14ISK; 510-15IKB; 510-15ISK
Enhedstype Strømforsyningsadapter - ekstern
Farve Sort
Indgangspænding AC
Detaljer om strømudgangskonnektorer 1 x strøm DC jackstik 4,0 mm (ID: 1,7 mm) - 20 V 2.25 A
Udgangspænding 20 V
Max. elektrisk strøm 2.25 A
Strømkapacitet 45 Watt
Medfølgende ledninger Strømkabel - ekstern - 1.2 m
Egenskaber Beskyttelse mod overophedning, overspændingsbeskyttelse, kortslutnings beskyttelse
Service & Support Begrænset garanti - 3 år
Mål og vægt
Bredde 9 cm
Dybde 3.8 cm
Højde 2.7 cm
Vægt 142 g
Oplysninger om kompatibilitet
Designet for Lenovo IdeaPad 100-15IBD | Lenovo IdeaPad 100-15IBY | Lenovo IdeaPad 100S-14IBR | Lenovo IdeaPad 110-15IBR | Lenovo Yoga 510-14AST | Lenovo Yoga 510-14IKB | Lenovo Yoga 510-14ISK | Lenovo Yoga 510-15IKB | Lenovo Yoga 510-15ISK
Warranty 36 months
Power 45W
Voltage 20V
Colour Black
Product code AD76P
Manufacturer Green Cell
Amperage 2.25A
Size 9 x 3,8 x 2,7 cm
Weight 142g


Lenovo IdeaPad 100;Lenovo B50;Chicony 5A10H43619;Chicony 5A10H43625;Chicony 5A10H43628;Chicony 5A10H43629;Chicony 5A10H43633;Chicony ADL45WCA;Chicony ADL45WCC;Chicony ADL45WCE;Chicony ADL45WCG;Chicony ADL45WCK;Delta Electronics 5A10H43617;Delta Electronics 5A10H43620;Delta Electronics 5A10H43627;Delta Electronics 5A10H43630;Delta Electronics 5A10H43632;Delta Electronics ADP;Lenovo 01FR015;Lenovo 01FR111;Lenovo 01FR120;Lenovo 01FR128;Lenovo 5A10H42919;Lenovo 5A10H42921;Lenovo 5A10H42923;Lenovo 5A10H42925;Lenovo 5A10H42926;Lenovo 5A10H43617;Lenovo 5A10H43619;Lenovo 5A10H43620;Lenovo 5A10H43625;Lenovo 5A10H43627;Lenovo 5A10H43628;Lenovo 5A10H43629;Lenovo 5A10H43630;Lenovo 5A10H43632;Lenovo 5A10H43633;Lenovo ADL45WCA;Lenovo ADL45WCC;Lenovo ADL45WCE;Lenovo ADL45WCG;Lenovo ADL45WCK;Lenovo ADP;Lenovo PA-1450;Liteon 5A10H42919;Liteon 5A10H42921;Liteon 5A10H42923;Liteon 5A10H42925;Liteon 5A10H42926;Liteon PA-1450;Lenovo E41;Lenovo Flex 4;Lenovo Flex 5;Lenovo IdeaPad 100S;Lenovo IdeaPad 110;Lenovo IdeaPad 110-TOUCH;Lenovo IdeaPad 110S;Lenovo IdeaPad 310;Lenovo IdeaPad 310-TOUCH;Lenovo IdeaPad 310S;Lenovo IdeaPad 320S;Lenovo IdeaPad 510;Lenovo IdeaPad 510S;Lenovo IdeaPad 520S;Lenovo IdeaPad 710S;Lenovo IdeaPad 710S-PLUS;Lenovo IdeaPad V110;Lenovo Miix 510;Lenovo Yoga 310;Lenovo Yoga 510;Lenovo Yoga 520;Lenovo Yoga 710;Lenovo Yoga 720;Lenovo Ideapad 330;