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Cougar Gaming (7)

Cougar Gaming
- 100% gaming

Cougar Gaming is, as the name implies, a brand focusing 100% on gaming. Cougar Gaming is world-famous for the characteristic orange colour and their outstanding PSU's.

Besides PSU's, Cougar Gaming is producing a wide range of gaming products like cases, gaming chairs and peripherals.

Our Cougar product range appeals to all gamers who refuse to compromise on neither design, quality or features.



Cougar Arena X Musemåtte

  • Product no 995832927
  • Model 3MARENAP.0001
  • Brand Cougar Gaming
  • EAN 4715302444778

Cougar Neon RGB Musemåtte

  • Product no 995817775
  • Model 3MNEOMAT.0001
  • Brand Cougar Gaming
  • EAN 4715302442415

Cougar Control EX-M Musemåtte

  • Product no 995817787
  • Model 3MCORNNM.0001
  • Brand Cougar Gaming
  • EAN 4715302442385

Cougar Control EX-S Musemåtte

  • Product no 995817786
  • Model 3MCORNNS.0001
  • Brand Cougar Gaming
  • EAN 4715302442378

Cougar Arena Extra Large Musemåtte

  • Product no 992608135
  • Model 3PAREHBXRB5.0001
  • Brand Cougar Gaming
  • EAN 4715302447809

Cougar Control EX-L Musemåtte

  • Product no 995817788
  • Model 3MCORNNL.0001
  • Brand Cougar Gaming
  • EAN 4715302442392

Cougar Speed EX-M Musemåtte

  • Product no 995817773
  • Model 3MSPDNNM.0001
  • Brand Cougar Gaming
  • EAN 4715302442347