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Green Cell Charger USB-C 45W PD with cable USB-C and extra USB port

Green Cell - Power adapter - 45 Watt - 2 output connectors (USB, USB-C) - on cable: USB-C - black
Thanks to the new version of the USB-C port, it has become possible to transfer more power through the most popular standard on the market. Now it is possible to load our smartphones and other devices faster. With the same charger, you can power your phone, tablet and laptop! The Green Cell USB-C 45W Charger is ideal for charging smartphones, tablets and smaller laptops.
  • Product no 995499620

    Model CHAR10

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    EAN 5903317222194

    Weight 0.27 kg

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Produktbeskrivelse Green Cell strømforsyningsadapter - USB, USB-C - 45 Watt
Produkttype Strømforsyningsadapter
Farve Sort
Udgangsforbindelsestype Total 2: USB, USB-C - på kabel: USB-C
Strømforsyning 45 Watt
Strømenhedsoplysninger - 24 pin USB-C with Power Delivery | - 4-pins USB Type A - 5 V - 2.4 A
Kabler USB-C kabel - 2 m
Producentgaranti 1 års garanti
Produkttype Strømforsyningsadapter
Fås i farverne Sort
Input-stik Strøm 2-polet
Antal inputstikforbindelser 1
Output-stikforbindelser Total 2: 4 pin USB Type A, 24 pin USB-C
Strømforsyning 45 Watt
Aftagelig kabelstikforbindelsestype USB-C
Strømenhedsoplysninger 24 pin USB-C with Power Delivery | 4-pins USB Type A - 5 V - 2.4 A
Egenskaber Overbelastningsbeskyttelse, beskyttelse mod overophedning, overspændingsbeskyttelse, PowerDelivery 3.0 Technology
Medfølgende ledninger USB-C kabel - 2 m
Service & Support Begrænset garanti - 1 år